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Important information

Here you will always find up-to-date information about Cuba

Travel maintenance

We work closely with the German Embassy in Havana and inform each other about the current situation.
Read more at Travel Information Cuba - Federal Foreign Office

The Austrian federal government does not classify Cuba as a risk area.
Read more at the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs

(As of: 2020-09-20)

Health information

Corona virus

The corona virus has also reached Cuba. The pandemic was largely smothered by restrictive contact measures. There is a lot of testing going on in Cuba. So far, 5,091 people have tested positive for Covid 19 in Cuba, of whom 4,412 have recovered. 115 people died of or with Covid 19. After Cuba was almost free of corona, further cases in Havana and returning travelers (including doctors and nurses) have now increased the number of cases again. There are currently between 15 and 40 new cases every day. Known cases in Cuba are isolated from the rest of the population and housed in empty hotels or hospitals.

The population and especially the tourism industry are prepared to deal with the viral diseases. The public institutions supply the population with chlorine-based disinfectants and have canceled all public events. The operators of private accommodation - Casa Particulars had information events on dealing with hygiene and dealing with customers.

In Cuba, too, all people were asked to keep a distance of 1.5 to 2 m from other people and to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly.

Until a few days ago, staying in public spaces was only permitted with face masks. In the provinces that are free from Covid 19, the exit and contact restrictions have been reduced. In Havana, public life is still very limited in several parts of the city. Travel beyond the provincial borders is still only possible to a limited extent. The operation of private taxis remains greatly reduced.

Many years ago, Cuba developed a preparation that reduced the symptoms of Covid 19. The drug Interferon Alpha 2B from BioCubaFarma is produced in Cuba and China and has long been used against carcinomas, hepatitis B and dengue. Interferon Alpha 2B paralyzes the virus by destroying the body's own cells.

Homeopathic medicines are currently being distributed to the elderly and people with previous illnesses. These drugs are said to boost the immune system.

On August 22nd, 2020, Cuba presented a vaccine that is currently being tested. The effect has so far been tested on several researchers who were exposed to the corona viruses after the vaccination. The tests are currently being expanded. The vaccine should be on the market from the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. Deutsche Welle - Cuba - Vaccine

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(As of: 2020-09-20)

Political situation

No special political events at the moment.

(As of: 2020-09-20)

Economy and tourism in Cuba

The country is suffering from the lack of tourism due to Covid 19.

According to our latest information, the government plans to reopen the country to tourism soon. Starting with the offshore islands such as Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco and Cayo Santa Maria. Canada's airlines will probably fly there first. There is currently no clear start date for European airlines. It all depends on when Cuba opens the country to tourism and when Cuba is removed from the list of risk areas. RKI risk areas

We work closely with the AHK - German Chamber of Commerce in Cuba. The AHK employees represent the German economy in Cuba and organize, among other things, delegation trips. You are an important link between our commercial enterprises at the German Embassy and the state of Cuba.

Website of the AHK in Cuba

(As of: 2020-09-20)